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Towards The Third Evolutionary Synthesis by Gert Korthof.
Scientists who follow Charles Darwin –evolutionary biologists– have become dogmatic.
I am investigating alternatives and extensions.
However, I want to be critical of both mainstream and alternative theories.

This website contains 100 reviews of books about evolution.
This homepage contains a list of all my reviews,
and the Introduction page gives an overview of the Evolution literature.

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12 Feb 1809 –
19 Apr 1882

Alfred Russel Wallace
8 Jan 1823–
7 Nov 1913

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How Life works
Philip Ball (2024) How Life works:

Blogger What's wrong with a DNA-centric view? Philip Ball (2024) How Life works, 12 feb 2024.

Blogger The Secret of Life according to Philip Ball, 19 Feb 2024, updated 24 Feb 2024.

Blogger A review of Philip Ball (2024) How Life Works, 29 Feb 2024.
What Mad Pursuit
13 Sep 2023

new blog by Gert Korthof:

Blogger The true history of junk DNA (2)

Minkoff 1984 Evolutionary Biology
31 Jul 2023

new blog by Gert Korthof:

Blogger The true story of junk DNA

Junk DNA in the evolution textbooks (2)
26 Jul 2023

new blog by Gert Korthof:

Blogger Junk DNA in the evolution textbooks (2) from 1996 to 2023

8 textbooks reviewed.
Bergstrom Dugatkin 3
12 Jul 2023

new blog by Gert Korthof:

Blogger Junk DNA in the evolution textbooks (1). Bergstrom and Dugatkin

partial review of this book.
Junk DNA
26 Jun 2023

new book review by Gert Korthof:

Blogger Larry Moran (2023) 'What's in Your Genome? 90% of Your Genome Is Junk

complete review of his book.
Erich von Daniken
21 Feb 2023

new book review by Gert Korthof:

Erich von Däniken (2022) Evolution is Wrong : A Radical Approach to the Origin and Transformation of Life

complete review of his book.
Alexey Kondrashov: Crumbling Genome
20 Dec 2022

Blogger Do we need to worry about the increasing number of deleterious genes in our genomes? Review of Alexey Kondrashov: Crumbling Genome

textbooks   Textbooks evolutionary biology   1996 – 2023 (41 books)
Brian K. Hall, Benedikt Hallgrímsson: Strickberger's Evolution, Fifth Edition
Strickberger's, 2013
Evolution. Strickberger 4 ed.
Strickberger 2008
Evolution. Monroe Strickberger. 2000. Third ed.
Strickberger 2000
Evolution. Monroe Strickberger 2nd ed.
Strickberger 1995
Strickberger Evolution 1990
Strickberger 1990
Futuyma Evolution 2023
Futuyma,Kirkpatrick 2023
Futuyma Evolution 2017
Futuyma,Kirkpatrick 2017
Futuyma Evolution 2013
Futuyma 2013
Evolution, Second Edition Douglas J. Futuyma
Futuyma 2009
Evolution. Douglas J. Futuyma 2005
Futuyma 2005
Futuyma. Evolutionary Biology
Evolutionary Biology
Futuyma 1998
Futuyma first ed. 1979
Futuyma first ed. 1979
  Freeman and Herron
Herron, Freeman,2015
Herron, Freeman,2013
Freeman and Herron
Freeman, Herron 2007
Freeman and Herron third ed. 2003

Freeman, Herron 2003
Freeman and Herron 2001
Freeman, Herron 2001
Freeman and Herron 1th ed

Freeman, Herron 1998
  Mark Ridley
      Evolution. 3 ed. Mark Ridley
Ridley 2004
Evolution. 2 ed. Mark Ridley 2004
Ridley 2004
Evolution. 2 ed. Mark Ridley
Ridley 1996
Evolution. Mark Ridley, 1993
Ridley 1993
  Zimmer, Emlen
Evolution. Making Sense of Life, 3 ed.
Emlen, Zimmer, 2020
Evolution. Making Sense of Life, Sec. ed.
Emlen, Zimmer, 2015
The Tangled Bank: An Introduction to Evolution, Second Edition
Zimmer 2013
Evolution. Making Sense of Life (2013)
Emlen, Zimmer, 2013
Carl Zimmer Tangled Bank, 2010
Zimmer, 2010
Carl Zimmer Evolution
Zimmer, 2001
  Stearns, Hoekstra
Stearns and Hoekstra
Evolution Sterns Hoekstra 2000
  Bergstrom, Dugatkin
Bergstrom, Dugatkin 3
Evolution sec.ed.
Evolution first edition
Bergstrom, Dugatkin
  Miscellaneous authors
Jonathan Bard
Bard, 2022
Graham Bell The Evolution of Life
Graham Bell 2014
Cowen. History of Life, 2013
Richard Cowen 2013
Evolution. A Developmental Approach
Wallace Arthur 2010
Evolution. Principles and Processes
Brian Hall 2010
Volpe's Understanding Evolution
Rosenbaum 2010
Prehistoric Life
Lieberman 2010
Barton et al
Barton... 2007
Introduction to Biological Evolution 2nd edition
Kardong 2007
Evolution. Skelton
Skelton 1996
Philip Whitfield: The Natural History of Evolution
Philip Whitfield 1993
Minkoff 1983 Evolutionary Biology

Minkoff 1983

My Reviews:
(Below a list all books having full reviews.
See Introduction for an annotated and expanded list of books.
For several reviews a pdf is available. Only html versions are updated.)

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B o o k   t i t l e

the books are ordered by category and within categories by date of publication in descending order
Review first published Updated
Gert Korthof Introduction to the evolution literature an annotated list of popular evolution books13 Sep 98regularly
Gert Korthof About the site Was Darwin Wrong   
Gert Korthof About myself  
Gert Korthof Was Darwin Wrong?  28 claims of Darwin that were wrong with the knowledge of today  1 Nov 19
textbooks Textbooks evolutionary biology:   (1996 – 2014) (more titles)

N. Barton et al (2007)-Evolution (first edition)29 Sep 0720 Jul 23
M. Strickberger (2000)-Evolution. (Third Edition)7 Feb 007 Jan 05
category 9 Orthodox (Neo-)Darwinism   (more titles)
Alexey Kondrashov (2017) BloggerCrumbling Genome. The Impact of Deleterious Mutations on Humans 19 Dec 22
Charles Darwin Books by Charles Darwin (annotated list of books)1 Oct 064 Sep 15
Charles Darwin (1871) The Descent of Man   (Charles Darwin on the origin of human morality and the problem of eugenics)26 Apr 08 -
William Hamilton Hamilton's worries about the future of the human genome   (Narrow Roads of Gene Land)25 Aug 118 Dec 23
Richard Dawkins Books by and about Richard Dawkins12 Apr 06
Ernst Mayr pdfBooks by Ernst Mayr10 Apr 0612 Apr 06
Mark Ridley (2000)Mendel's Demon; Evolution (1996)24 Aug 0124 Oct 21
John Maynard SmithThe Problems of Biology (1986)
Did Darwin Get It Right? (1992)
The Theory of Evolution (1997)
Shaping Life. Genes, Embryos and Evolution (1998)
The Origins of Life (1999)
24 Jan 995 Jul 21
Daniel Dennett (1995)Darwin's Dangerous Idea5 Aug 983 feb 17
category 5 Extensions & alternative evolutionary theories   (more titles)
Laurence Moran (2023)BloggerWhat's in Your Genome? 90% of Your Genome Is Junk26 Jun 23
Lucy Cooke (2022)BloggerBitch. On the Female of the Species3 Aug 22
Eugene Koonin (2012)The Logic of Chance. The Nature and Origin of Biological Evolution. 3 Jan 13 
Peter Ward (2009)The Medea Hypothesis. Is Life on Earth Ultimately Self-Destructive? 30 Sep 0925 Nov 09
Harman et al (2008)pdfRebels, Mavericks, and Heretics in Biology 14 Mar 09 -
J. Odling-Smee (2003)Niche construction. The neglected process in evolution 16 Jul 08-
David Beerling (2007)The Emerald Planet - How Plants changed Earth's history 1 Dec 0725 Sep 14
Tim Friend (2007)The Third Domain - The untold story of Archaea (Carl Woese) 16 Oct 0714 Jul 14
Kirschner et al (2005)pdfThe Plausibility of Life - Resolving Darwin's dilemma 10 Oct 052 Mar 06
Jablonka, Lamb (2005)pdfEvolution in Four Dimensions. - Genetic, Epigenetic, Behavioral, and Symbolic Variation in the History of Life 24 Apr 05-
Lynn Margulis (2002)Acquiring Genomes. A theory of the origins of species 5 Jun 0515 Nov 19
Elisabeth Lloyd (2005)The Case of Female Orgasm - Bias in the Science of Evolution5 Jun 0522 Aug 05
Louis Berman (2003)The Puzzle. Exploring the Evolutionary Puzzle of male homosexuality23 Dec 038 Jun 04
Andrew Parker (2003)pdfIn the Blink of an Eye1 Jun 031 Jul 13
Stephen J Gould (2002)The Structure of Evolutionary Theory 28 May 047 Jun 23
James Lovelock (2000)The Ages of Gaia. A Biography of our Living Earth (1919–2022)3 Oct 0413 Aug 22
Gabriel Dover (2000)pdfDear Mr Darwin. Letters on the Evolution of Life and Human Nature 1 Jan 014 Jun 15
Colin Patterson (1999)Evolution. Second edition8 Dec 13 1 Aug 23
Bruce Bagemihl (1999)Biological Exuberance. Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity21 Sep 0324 Apr 04
Henry Gee (1999)pdfIn Search of Deep Time 13 Jun 008 Dec 00
Fred Hoyle (1999)Mathematics of Evolution.   See also: "A memorable misunderstanding"10 Oct 993 Jul 20
Edward Steele (1998)Lamarck's Signature. How Retrogenes Are Changing Darwin's Natural Selection Paradigm21 Feb 9914 Aug 21
Stuart Kauffman (1995)At Home in the Universe. The Search for Laws of Self-Organization and Complexity20 Oct 989 Feb 12
Brian Goodwin (1995)pdfHow the Leopard Changed Its Spots 1 Jan 981 Sep 14
Niles Eldredge (1995)pdfReinventing Darwin. The Great Evolutionary Debate8 Feb 98 26 Jul 13
Hubert Yockey (1992)pdfInformation theory and molecular biology24 Aug 9811 Jan 23
Motoo Kimura (1986)The neutral theory of molecular evolution1 Jan 998 Jun 22
category 10 evo-devo   (more titles)
Wallace Arthur (2000,2004)pdfThe Origin of Animal Body Plans; Biased Embryos and Evolution13 Jan 0210 Mar 10
category 3 Non-religious Anti-Darwinism, Anti-Evolution   (more titles)
Erich von Däniken (2022)Why Evolution is Wrong 21 Feb 23 
Gert Korthof Independent origin and the facts of life (a general overview)5 May 0318 Aug 11
Christian Schwabe (2001)The Genomic Potential Hypothesis24 Mar 029 Jul 06
P. Senapathy (1994)Independent Birth of Organisms.   Blogger blog 19 Sep;   Blogger blog 27 Sep   Blogger blog 4 Jul 2023 29 Dec 0220 Sep 23
Lima-de-Faria (1988)pdfEvolution without selection. Form and Function by Autoevolution31 May 973 Aug 23
Michael Denton (1986)pdfEvolution: a theory in crisis   26 Oct 97 9 Jun 18
category 1 Creationism / Intelligent Design / Fine Tuning / Theistic Evolution   (more titles)
Michael Behe (2007)The Edge of Evolution. The Search for the Limits of Darwinism22 Jul 0726 Aug 07
William Dembski (1999)Intelligent Design. The bridge between science and theology24 Jan 0029 Nov 19
Lee Spetner (1998)Not By Chance! Shattering the Modern Theory of Evolution
Spetner's reply [ pdfMy reply [ pdf ]
31 Dec 98
31 Aug 00
4 Jul 03
21 Apr 23
Michael Behe (1996)Darwin's Black Box26 Apr 9725 Jan 07
Jon Buell (1994)pdfDarwinism: Science or Philosophy? 6 Apr 9730 Jun 99
Mark A. Ludwig (1993)Computer Viruses, Artificial Life and Evolution   |   reply by Mark Ludwig (2006) 2 Feb 0620 Jan 14
Phillip Johnson (1993)Darwin on trial   |   Johnson's comments   |   postscripts 6 Jul 9727 Apr 01
Walter Remine (1993)pdfThe Biotic Message. Evolution versus Message Theory13 Jun 9915 Feb 13
David Foster (1993)pdfThe Philosophical Scientists12 Sep 9727 Mar 18
Fred Hoyle (1983)pdfThe Intelligent Universe6 Dec 99  5 Mar 06
category 2 Fine tuning   (more titles)
Michael Denton (1998)pdfNature's Destiny. How the Laws of Biology reveal Purpose in the Universe 16 Jun 9810 Jan 23
Dean Overman (1997)pdfA Case Against Accident and Self-Organization11 Sep 0030 Apr 01
Barrow & Tipler (1994)The Anthropic Cosmological Principle4 Jun 9827 Jan 01
category 12 Theistic Evolution   (more titles)
Joan Roughgarden (2006) Evolution and Christian Faith. Reflections of an Evolutionary Biologist17 may 07  
Francis Collins (2006) The Language of God. A scientist presents evidence for belief23 Aug 067 Jun 23
Richard Swinburne (1997)pdfIs there a God?4 Jun 985 Oct 22
category 11 Origin of Life   (more titles)
Nick Lane (2022)BloggerTransformer: The Deep Chemistry of Life and Death5 Sep 22
Addy Pross (2014)What is Life? How chemistry becomes biology6 Oct 14 
Clive Trotman (2004)The Feathered Onion - Creation of Life in the Universe21 Nov 043 Jul 06
Tibor Gánti (2003)The Principles of Life29 Dec 0322 Feb 23
category 6 History of Darwinism and Creationism   (more titles)
Gareth Williams (2019)BloggerUnravelling the Double Helix. The Lost Heroes of DNA 20 Jun 19
Barry Gale (2008) Evolution Without Evidence. Charles Darwin and The Origin of Species 24 Nov 1316 Jan 14
David Sedley (2007) Creationism and its critics in Antiquity 29 May 0811 Aug 08
Michael Ruse (2005)pdfThe Evolution-Creation Struggle 3 Jul 05-
John Waller (2003)pdfFabulous Science. Fact and Fiction in the history of scientific discovery24 Aug 0315 Oct 05
Donald Forsdyke (2001)pdfThe Origin of Species Revisited27 Dec 01 21 Aug 13
Betty Smocovitis (1996)pdfUnifying Biology. The Evolutionary Synthesis and Evolutionary Biology8 Jun 013 Aug 01
Søren Løvtrup (1987)pdfDarwinism: The Refutation of a Myth26 Mar 981 Jan 02
W.J. Dempster (1996) pdfNatural Selection and Patrick Matthew4 Sep 9728 Nov 22
category 4 bibliographies   (more titles)
James L. Hayward 1998pdfThe Creation/Evolution Controversy. An Annotated Bibliography1 Feb 998 Feb 99
Tom McIver (1992)pdfAnti-Evolution. A Reader's Guide to Writings before and after Darwin12 Mar 0025 Apr 14
category 8 Anti-Creationism   (more titles)
Young & Edis (2004)Why Intelligent Design Fails: A Scientific Critique of the New Creationism [chapter]7 Aug 0418 Feb 09
Gert Korthof (2006)Common Descent: It's All or Nothing 3 Oct 063 Jul 08
Robert Pennock (1999)pdfTower of Babel2 May 9913 May 01
Douglas Futuyma (1995)Science on Trial - The Case for Evolution22 Jan 9812 Aug 98
Michael Ruse (1988)pdfBut is it science? The philosophical question21 Jan 9821 Oct 09
Michael Ruse (1982) pdfDarwinism defended19 Jan 9825 Aug 98
Philip Kitcher (1982)pdfAbusing Science. The Case Against Creationism22 Jan 9824 Aug 98
category Philosophy, etc.   (more titles)
many authors Philosophy of science / Scientific Controversies 19 Aug 21
Gert Korthof God, Hitler and the Free Will Defense 28 Sep 1323 Oct 13
Gert Korthof Similarities and Dissimilarities of Computer Viruses and Biological Viruses - a comparison.2 Feb 062 May 23
Gert Korthof Information Content, Compressibility, Randomness and Meaning.18 jun 0020 feb 20
category Suggested books
visitors of this site Books suggested by visitors of this site 22 Jul 1021 May 09
category Single author pages
Gert Korthof Books by Michael Ruse 21 Jan 9821 Oct 09
Gert Korthof Books by John Maynard Smith 24 Jan 995 Dec 11
Gert Korthof pdfBooks by Ernst Mayr 10 Apr 0631 Dec 12
Gert Korthof Books by Richard Dawkins 12 Apr 065 Mar 22
Gert Korthof pdfBooks by Charles Darwin 19 Oct 0610 Oct 19

Had darwin gelijk
Had Darwin Gelijk?
Nederlandse editie NG.
Nov 2004

Ned   Nederlandse boeken ( The Dutch Pages )
Nederlandse evolutie literatuur. Een overzicht (boeken, cd, dvd). 27 nov 200713 mei 24
De aarde is niet een echt veilige plaats voor het (menselijk) leven17 Sep 20195 Feb 2024
Blogger Prof. Cees Dekker: "Ik geloof dat de wonderen in de bijbel echt gebeurd zijn." (blog)3 dec 2018 -
Blogger Cees Dekker: "Dat evolutie zich voltrekt heb ik nooit in twijfel getrokken." (echt waar?) (blog)22 Jun 2015 -
Blogger Blog vanaf 25 Okt 2010: is mijn blog27 juli 2006wekelijks
Waarnemingen van de aankomst data van zangvogels 2002 in het seizoen
Wat doen J&S met introns? website Junker & Scherer (creationisten)dec 201021 sep 11
Empathie als maat voor een menselijke samenleving 31 jun 201022 aug 12
Evolutie, biodiversiteit en Bas Haring: bespreking van Het aquarium van Walter Huijsmans. 14 jun 200930 nov 09
En God beschikte een worm. Over schepping en evolutie, Cees Dekker30 mrt 20064 apr 06
Schitterend ongeluk of sporen van ontwerp? Over Cees Dekker17 jul 05 10 jan 13
Intelligent Design is geen wetenschap Over Cees Dekker29 nov 200327 jul 06
Kaas & De Evolutietheorie, Bas Haring. Boekbespreking24 jun 200224 sep 06
Schepping is onbiologisch. Kritiek op Dr. F. Paesi's aanval op evolutie.12 jan 19974 Feb 2024
Briefwisseling tussen Redactie WCS en G.Korthof. 14-6-96 t/m 1-12-96 (zie hierboven)12 jan 199722 Apr 1997
pdf De evolutietheorie in verband met biologie en openbaring door Dr. G. Korthof (1933).22 apr 193313 mei 2024

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