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Abusing Science. The Case Against Creationism.

Gert Korthof
First published: 22 Jan 1998 Last update: 24 Aug 1998

book "Abusing Science. The Case Against Creationism."
by Philip Kitcher

The MIT Press.
hardback 213 pages.
  1. Evolution for Everyone.
  2. Believing Where We Cannot Prove.
  3. Darwin Redux
  4. Mountains, Molehills, and Misunderstandings
  5. What Price Creationism?
  6. Exploiting Tolerance
  7. The Bully Pulpit
Suggestions for further reading
.   "This book is not, therefore, an attempt to debunk religion. Nor does it critize those who accept a literal reading of the Genesis account of Creation simply as an article of religious faith."

.   "The scientific evidence tells decisively against the literal truth of Genesis. That fact does not mean that religion is refuted."

.   "I quarrel only with those who pretend that there is scientific evidence to favor the Genesis story understood literally".

Philip Kitcher is a philosopher of science. He published about the scientific and ethical aspects of the Human Genome Project and issues in the philosophy of biology.

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MIT Press 1983 paperback edition.

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