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Arthur, Wallace The Origin of Animal Body Plans. A study in Evolutionary Developmental Biology (2000)
Bagemihl, BruceBiologcal Exuberance. Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity (1999)
Barrow & TiplerThe Anthropic Cosmological Principle (1994)
Barton et alEvolution (2007)
Beerling, DavidThe Emerald Planet - How Plants changed Earth's history (2007)
Behe, Michael Darwin's Black Box (1996)
Behe, Michael The Edge of Evolution (2007)
Berman, LouisThe Puzzle. Exploring the Evolutionary Puzzle of male homosexuality (2003)
Buell, John Darwinism: Science or Philosophy? (1994)
Collins, FrancisThe Language of God. A scientist presents evidence for belief (2006)
Daniken, Erich von Evolution is Wrong : A Radical Approach to the Origin and Transformation of Life
Darwin, Charles The Descent of Man (1871, 1981)
Darwin, Charles Books by Charles Darwin (annotated list of main works)
Dawkins, Richard Books by and about Richard Dawkins
Dekker, Cees (red)Schitterend ongeluk of sporen van ontwerp? (2005)   [ Dutch ]
Dekker, Cees (red)En God beschikte een worm. Over schepping en evolutie (2006) [ Dutch ]
Dembski, WilliamIntelligent Design (1999)
Dempster, W.J.Natural Selection and Patrick Matthew (1996)
Dennett, DanielDarwin's Dangerous Idea (1995)
Denton, MichaelNature's Destiny. How The Laws of Biology Reveal Purpose In The Universe (1998)
Denton, MichaelEvolution: a theory in crisis (1986)
Dover, GabrielDear Mr Darwin. Letters on the Evolution of Life and Human Nature (2000)
Eldredge, NilesReinventing Darwin (1995)
Forsdyke, DonaldThe Origin of Species Revisited (2001).
Foster, DavidThe Philosophical Scientists (1993)
Friend, TimThe Third Domain - The untold story of Archaea (2007)
Futuyma, DouglasScience on Trial - The Case for Evolution. (1995)
Gale, BarryEvolution Without Evidence (2008)
Gánti, TiborThe Principles of Life (2003)
Gee, Henry In Search of Deep Time (1999)
Goodwin, Brian How the Leopard Changed Its Spots (1995)
Gould, Stephen JayThe Structure of Evolutionary Theory (2002)
Hamilton, WilliamNarrow Roads of Gene Land (2001, 2005)
Haring, Bas Kaas & De Evolutietheorie (2002)   [ Dutch ]
Haring, Bas Het aquarium van Walter Huijsmans (2009)   [ Dutch ]
Harman et alRebels, Mavericks, and Heretics in Biology (2008)
Hayward, James L. The Creation/Evolution Controversy. An Annotated Bibliography (1998)
Hoyle, Fred Mathematics of Evolution (1999)
Hoyle, Fred The Intelligent Universe (1983)
Jablonka & LambEvolution in Four Dimensions (2005)
Johnson, Phillip Darwin on trial (1993)
Kauffman, Stuart At Home in the Universe (1995)
Kimura, Motoo The neutral theory of molecular evolution (1986)
Kirschner & GerhartThe Plausibility of Life - Resolving Darwin's dilemma (2005)
Kitcher, Philip Abusing Science. The Case Against Creationism (1982)
Koonin, Eugene The Logic of Chance (2011)
Lima-de-FariaEvolution without selection (1988)
Lloyd, Elisabeth The Case of Female Orgasm - Bias in the Science of Evolution (2005)
Lovelock, JamesThe Ages of Gaia. A Biography of our Living Earth (2000).
Løvtrup, Søren Darwinism: The Refutation of a Myth (1987)
Ludwig, Mark Computer Viruses, Artificial Life and Evolution (1993)
Margulis, LynnAcquiring Genomes. A theory of the origins of species (2002)
Maynard Smith, John The Problems of Biology (1986)
Did Darwin Get It Right? (1992)
The Theory of Evolution (1997)
Shaping Life. Genes, Embryos and Evolution (1998)
The Origins of Life (1999)
Mayr, Ernst Books by Ernst Mayr
McIver, Tom Anti-Evolution. A Reader's Guide to Writings before and after Darwin. (1992)
Odling-Smee, JohnNiche construction. The neglected process in evolution (2003)
Overman, Dean A Case Against Accident and Self-Organization (1997)
Parker, Andrew In the Blink of an Eye (2003)
Patterson, Colin Evolution, Second Edition (1999)
Pennock, Robert Tower of Babel (1999)
Pigliucci, MassimoEvolution, The Extended Synthesis (2010)   with: Gerd B. Müller (editors)
Pross, Addy What is Life? (2012)
Remine, Walter The Biotic Message. Evolution versus Message Theory (1993)
Ridley, Mark Mendel's Demon (2000); Evolution (1996)
Roughgarden, JoanEvolution and Christian Faith (2006)
Ruse, MichaelThe Evolution-Creation Struggle (2005)
Ruse, Michael But is it science? (1988)
Ruse, Michael Darwinism defended (1982)
Schwabe, Christian The Genomic Potential Hypothesis (2001)
Sedley, DavidCreationism and its critics in Antiquity (2008)
Senapathy, P. Independent Birth of Organisms (1994)
Smocovitis, Betty Unifying Biology. The Evolutionary Synthesis and Evolutionary Biology (1996)
Spetner, Lee Not By Chance! Shattering the Modern Theory of Evolution (1998)
Spetner's reply   My reply
Steele, Edward Lamarck's Signature (1998)
Strickberger, Monroe Evolution. (Third Edition) (2000)
Swinburne, Richard Is there a God? (1997)
Trotman, Clive The Feathered Onion - Creation of Life in the Universe 2004
Waller, JohnFabulous Science. Fact and Fiction in the history of scientific discovery (2003)
Ward, PeterThe Medea Hypothesis. Is Life on Earth Ultimately Self-Destructive? (2009)
Yockey, Hubert Information theory and molecular biology (1992)
Young, Matt & Taner EdisWhy Intelligent Design Fails: A Scientific Critique of the New Creationism (2004)


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